The Holmes Agency, Inc. assists our clients in the management of construction projects. We investigate the nature and extent of damage caused by substandard work, design deficiencies, and material problems. Our staff helps our clients assess responsibility and assign liability. The Holmes Agency, Inc. has extensive experience in construction including building envelope assessments, HVAC failure causation analysis, indoor air quality evaluations, moisture intrusion inspections, mold growth investigations, commissioning and retro-commissioning.

The Holmes Agency, Inc. specializes in analyzing construction claims and construction disputes by utilizing our technical and analytical skills to assist clients in managing and resolving disputes on projects throughout the world. We design our project teams in response to each new project. Every team is composed of individuals whose backgrounds distinctly qualify them to address the specific issues at hand, with a principal consultant serving as team leader. The teams use comprehensive research and proven technology to help clients resolve their claims.

Our breadth and depth of experience enables us to assist clients with the multitude of challenges present in the industry, including those presented by new and existing construction. The Holmes Agency, Inc. is committed to providing quality commissioning services from early in the design phase, through construction and into the warranty period.

From identifying damages to commissioning services, The Holmes Agency, Inc. is unique in its ability to assist in claims resolution at any stage of the construction project. We combine years of experience working with troubled projects and situations with our in-depth knowledge of the construction industry. Whatever your needs, The Holmes Agency, Inc. can assist and solve your problems.

Typical services provided:

• Building Envelope, Component and Materials Evaluation
• Specifications, Drawings and Bid Documents Review
• Review and Analyze Building Contract Documents
• Building Commissioning
• Building Retro-Commissioning
• Peer Review