“Air conditioning is the control of the humidity of the air by either increasing or decreasing its moisture content. Added to the control of humidity is the control of the temperature by either heating or cooling the air, the purification of the air by washing or filtering the air, and the control of air motion and ventilation”. Willis Carrier… the farther of modern air conditioning.

Today’s modern buildings commonly use air conditioning, ventilation and filtration to provide human comfort. In addition to human comfort, these systems also provide for a healthy indoor environment. Since humans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, health and comfort in buildings are very important issues. These systems are also very expensive to operate and maintain. And the complexity of the design, construction and maintenance of these systems becomes more complex every day.

When heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are not designed, installed and maintained properly, expenses rise, comfort is not maintained and unhealthy conditions are created within the building. The consequences can be dramatic and expensive. HVAC systems can account for up to 50% of the total operating expenses of a building.

HVAC systems also are responsible for moisture removal and controlling infiltration within buildings. In the hot and humid South, it is especially important to provide building pressurization and reduce costs of dehumidifying outside ventilation air.

The Holmes Agency, Inc. is actively involved with setting the standards of care for the HVAC industry. Our employees over the years have helped research, develop and shape the industry. Whatever your needs in HVAC, The Holmes Agency, Inc. can assist and solve your problems.

Typical services provided:

• Visual Condition and Operations Review of HVAC and Ventilation Systems
• Testing of Ventilation Effectiveness, Pressurization & Filtration Efficiency
• Inspection of Building Automation & Control Systems
• Test and Balance of HVAC & Ventilation Systems
• Air Conditioning Load Analysis and Review
• Building Commissioning
• Building Retro-Commissioning
• Peer Review