It is estimated that humans spend as much as 90% of their time indoors. Above all, we expect our indoor environment to be free of effects that will damage or compromise our health. However, year after year, cases are documented of building related illness and sick building syndrome. This is because we live in a “soup of chemicals”.

Energy conservation, “least cost” design and construction, changes in office layout and furnishings, technical advances in office equipment, changes in materials used for construction, ventilation poorly designed, the “no maintenance” mentality, “cheap” air filtration and the tendency to down play complaints have all contributed to poor indoor air quality.

Creating a better indoor environment can help building owners, design professionals and contractors to minimize or eliminate the negative health effects, liability, bad publicity, and costly renovations and repairs associated with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems. Improving IAQ involves designing, constructing, commissioning, operating, and maintaining buildings in ways that reduce contamination sources and remove indoor contaminants while ensuring that outdoor ventilation air is continually supplied and properly circulated.

Indoor air quality issues impact the lives of people across the globe. Problems with poor air quality in buildings and homes can result in health concerns, liability issues, lost productivity, and decreased property values.

IAQ problems are often caused by complex, inter-related issues. Diagnosing and fixing the sources of poor IAQ may require the professional expertise of one or more consultants or contractors. It is important that individuals be highly qualified to fully investigate, identify and/or mitigate the total problem according to recognized industry standards and guidelines. Verification of contracting or remediation work should be conducted by a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional.

The Holmes Agency, Inc. is on the leading edge of solving indoor air quality problems. Our Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals are actively involved with setting the standards of care for the IAQ industry. These trained and certified professionals are available to resolve your IAQ issues. Our employees over the years have helped research, develop and shape the industry and are well qualified to review and analyze indoor air quality problems and determine sources of contamination.

Typical services provided:

• Visual Assessment of the Indoor Air Quality of the Indoor Environment
•Condition and Operations Review of Maintenance Practices
•Causation Determination of Indoor Air Quality